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Bringing employees back to the office post COVID-19 will require a new level of technology and management, while effectively keeping employees safe and establishing confidence in the protocols and procedures in place.

Over the last several months, CDI has been helping companies quickly and efficiently automate managing the essential steps for returning employees safely and confidently to the workplace. In addition to deploying the ServiceNow Safe Workplace apps, CDI has partnered with top-tier hardware and software location tracking providers to give our customers quick time to value on establishing their Return to Office programs.

return to office dashboard

Figure 1: CDI’s Return to Office Platform – dashboard view


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CDI brings tremendous expertise to facilitate Return to Office as both a ServiceNow Elite Partner and a seasoned technology infrastructure integrator. With the abrupt shifts in business due to the COVID-19 pandemic, CDI has been able to apply our experience to quickly implement the ServiceNow Safe Workplace apps within days of their release.

This has spanned from simple out of box implementations to highly customized solutions on regional and global levels with integrations to technologies such as:

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Schedule a meeting and learn how CDI’s Return to Office expertise can help your business quickly return to work with the confidence that you can stay safe, mitigate spread, and make data-driven decisions that keep operations running smoothly.

Employee Health Screening: enables employers to screen employees before entering the workplace to ensure compliance with the employer's entry requirements, such as a temperature check and personal protective equipment (PPE). Based on their own criteria, employers can determine whether it’s safe for the employee to enter the workplace. Employers can use a reporting dashboard to view trends by sites and record the return of employees into their facilities.

Contact Tracing: helps employers reduce workplace transmission of infectious diseases, such as COVID-19, by identifying any on-site employees who might have been in contact with an affected employee. The employer receives updates about the number of reported cases or symptoms in the location. A list of potentially exposed employees is created from various data inputs, including badge activity for when and how many times an employee has entered a building. 

Workplace Safety Management: used to create safer, managed processes for returning employees to the workplace and staying open. Establish distancing plans, shift assignments, and sanitation scheduling and manage workspace allocation in stages.

Workplace PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) Inventory Management: to manage PPE inventory to help safeguard the physical safety of your workforce. Monitor the availability of PPE at different locations, fulfill employee requests for PPE, and track PPE assigned to employees.

Employee Readiness Surveys: send surveys to help gauge whether employees are ready to return to the workplace. Ask questions to get insights into how employees feel about returning to work, their current health status, and underlying concerns such as personal health, family obligations, and anxiety about workplace safety. Based on responses, you can measure and determine the steps needed to help employees feel safe and secure upon their return.

Employee Travel Safety supports safe travel for employees by verifying the site safety and policy compliance of destinations, monitoring employee health status, and keeping a contact log during travel. Employees will request permission for their trips and the employee's manager, or a designated travel approver, can approve or reject the travel request based on COVID-19 case data and a site safety evaluation for the destination.

Health and Safety Testing: streamlines  the process for requesting and receiving test results from employees, helping employers  reduce  the spread of  infectious diseases like COVID-19  in the workplace.

Service portals: for users to log in concerns / queries

Mobile app to give associates another channel to communicate

Real time communication from management, HR, Operations etc.

Location Tracking Hardware:

  • Accurate contact tracing data for staff and visitors, as well as information regarding the interactions among them
  • Utilizes Real Time Location Services (RTLS) through the use of small and lightweight Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and WiFi wearables
  • Help minimize employee concerns about what their employer is doing to protect them against further spread of COVID
  • User Interface: web client and mobile apps
  • Can be integrated with third-party solutions: desk-booking solutions, contact tracing applications in ServiceNow
  • Depending upon existing wireless technology, has the ability to integrate with existing wireless AP’s or the additions of Bluetooth beacons

Integrations and Development:

  • Badging integration to allow or deny access based on the daily health screening results and the organizations policies
  • Thermal imaging integration to allow or deny access based on an acceptable temperature range
  • Existing portal integration
  • Custom portal development
  • Business process development for the interaction of people and technologies in order to provide a safe workplace with proactive and repeatable outcomes